Sunday, October 3, 2010

Press Release: Elroy Artspace Gallery to present "Summer's End SALE" Group Show Opening Reception on Octobers’ First Thursday Artwalk


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Elroy Artspace Gallery to present "Summer's End SALE" Group Show Opening Reception on Octobers’ First Thursday Artwalk

Portland, OR (July 8, 2010) — Portland, OR (September 13, 2010)Elroy Artspace gallery is pleased to announce the “Summer’s End Sale” show, a group exhibition of the highlights from our 2010 show season of MCM-inspired fine art.  All art in the exhibition are sale priced, and the “Summer’s End Sale” show will feature the work of George Perrou and also include the works of other artists featured in our shows this season, including: CZM/El Gato Gomez (Pittsburg, PA) and Joel Pirela (Miami, FL) from “Dreams of Eames”; Panhandle Slim (Sharpstown, FL) from “Beans & Franks”, Jiles Sarkisian from “Tilt Shift America” and various artists from the “Atomic Tiki” group show.

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...Summertime has already ended its yearly visit, and Elroy Artspace gallery is bemoaning our just-two-months of sunshine here in PDX, so is offering the Sun-Giver a SALE in bribe for a longer summer next year!  Every MCM art lover will want to take advantage of our first ever end-of-season gallery sale - now is the chance to own some beautiful mid-century inspired modern fine art - and at BIG DISCOUNTS - up to 70% off.  Show opening reception at 5pm on Octobers’ First Thursday.  

The Artists:

The artists: Arnold Pander, Ben Adams, Ben Burch, George Perrou, Ian “Pian” McWilliams, Jack Pollock, Jackie Avery, Jonathon Hill-Jacquard, Mark Randall, CZM/El Gato Gomez, Dawn Frasier, Derek Yaniger, John Mulder, Panhandle Slim, Richard Becker, Robert Jiminez and Sherill Anne Gross

The Venue:

Elroy Artspace is a gallery whose mission is to enhance the human experience
by introducing fine, fun art to design professionals and others concerned
with bringing color and beauty into the home and workspace.  Visit Elroy
Artspace at 1730 NW Lovejoy #103, Portland, OR, 97209

Elroy Art Agency is a boutique agency whose raison d'être is creating brand identities
and promoting the visibility of artists and the venues that sell their work. (

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