Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Elroy Artspace Gallery has a new site!

Hello!, Elroy Art friends and clients...

   Our gallery in Portland Oregon's 'Pearl District' is located on Lovejoy street, between 17th and 18th...right across from the wonderful arts-based interior design retail store RELISH!  We are right next door to the recently relocated Benjamin|Benjamin Gallery from Hood River, and enjoying our new neighbors and friends Myah and Scott - they and their gallery are wonderful!  The gallery is named Elroy Artspace, and has enjoyed some beautiful and wonderfully attended shows already!

   Elroy Artspace now has a new website, (click here)!  Please visit this new URL or link directly to it from ElroyArt's homepage, and enjoy the gallery, artworks featured in shows and opening reception images, thanks! 

   And coming in July, Elroy Artspace is teaming with Benjamin|Benjamin Gallery to present the Northwest's biggest showing of Tilt Shift Photography ever!  Please join us if you can on First Thursday in July (7/1/2010) for the dual-gallery "Tilt Shift America" exhibition opening reception!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Do YOU know tilt-shift photography?

For July's show, Elroy Artspace is teaming with our new BFF's next door, Benjamin|Benjamin Gallery, in their "Tilt Shift America Project" kick-off with a dual-venue exhibition of this amazing art! 

So, do YOU know tilt-shift photography?

   Admittedly, I didn't until last year.  Scott and Myah so love this genre of art that Myah's gallery business card for their gallery when in Hood River featured a tilt-shift photo by Myah (a talented photographer and artist) of the gallery on it...I loved it!  Because it looked like a miniature diorama or toy of the street and gallery I really thought it was just a photoshop trick...and essentially it was...tilt-shifting is accomplished with either a special camera lens or via digital manipulation.  Some folks even refer to the technique as 'miniature faking'.

   Life is busy and I'd forgotten about it entirely until the couple talked with me a few months ago about their idea to bring this genre out of the niche chatrooms and into the open for all of us to enjoy!  Their goal is grand, and it starts with a gallery show of this beautiful art.  They wanted further reach than Hood River and asked if Elroy Artspace would be interested in doing a concurrent show with them, and I jumped at the invite!  Now that they've moved their gallery to Portland, and right next door to Elroy, this will be a show which makes a statement, for certain! 

   Please subscribe to and keep up with Scott's "Tilt Shift America Project" BLOG, as he's about to begin pumping relevant tilt-shift info into it regularly, thanks!

   So here's a few links to tilt-shift photography images for those of you who may not be familiar with the genre, or to whet your appetite for our July show if you are.  I hope that you fall as deeply in love with it as did Benjamin|Benjamin and Elroy!  Enjoy and Cheers!... 

1.  80 gorgeous tilt-shift photos to see!

2.  A few more great examples!

3.  Wikipedia knows all - here's their tilt-shift page!

4.  How-to tilt-shift in Photoshop!

5.  A bunch of links to galleries and more tilt-shift info!

6.  And, of ourse, the new TIlt Shift America BLOG!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Press Release: "Tilt-Shift America" Group Show at Benjamin Benjamin Gallery and Elroy Artspace Gallery During July’s First Thursday Artwalk


Media Contact:                          Joe Staskerz, Owner, Elroy Art Agency,
                                          | (503)609-0503 |

Tilt-Shift America
Group Exhibition
Preview Reception - Wednesday, June 30th, 4-7pm
Opening Reception - Thursday, July 1st, 5-9pm
June 1, 2010 through July 30, 2010

Benjamin Benjamin Gallery and Elroy Artspace Gallery to Feature Tilt-Shift Fine Art
Photography in “Tilt-Shift America” Group Show During July’s First Thursday

Portland, OR (June 8, 2010) — Elroy Artspace gallery and Benjamin Benjamin
Gallery are pleased to announce Tilt-Shift America, a dual-gallery group exhibition
of fine art tilt-shift photography. The exhibition will include the works of seven
artists: Erynn Rose, Maureen Delaney, Bryan Solarski, Tony Fugere, Jiles
Sarkisian, Myah Bailey and Jackie Avery. In the region’s first exhibition exclusively
of this genre of photography, Tilt-Shift America aims to bring tilt-shift photography
from the fringe of interest and into the mainstream of our gallery audiences and to
all Portland art fans.

Of the gallery collaboration, Benjamin Benjamin gallerist Myah Bailey says: “When
planning this show some months ago our gallery was located in Hood River and we
wanted the shows’ reach to extend to Portland – Elroy Artspace was the first and
only gallery we considered partnering with because of its track record for presenting
and promoting beautiful shows
.” Elroy Artspace gallerist Joe Staskerz says of the
partnership: “Elroy is honored to be aligned with Ben Ben – this showcase for tilt
shift is an important introduction to the local art scene, and I’ve watched with awe
the growth of their gallery and curation expertise. I can’t express how happy I am
with their move to Portland, and to be their neighboring gallery!

Tilt-Shift America features the unique style of imagery which only tilt-shift
photography produces – that of a diorama-like scene. It is often used to simulate
miniature scenes, and referred also to as “Miniature Faking”.  Portland’s own Bent
Image Lab is credited with creating a process by which to apply this look to

The Artists:

Erynn Rose says that his goal is to try to show something which he finds fascinating
in every frame. Erynn looks for something new in places that he's visited many
times before, wanting to capture the growth and change of life, land, and
cityscapes. Rose says he utilizes anything film and digital with in-camera tricks and
digital post-processing, and loves to use techniques like tilt-shift to give an oftenseen
view new life and perspective.

Maureen Delaney: Through the meditative process of photographing my figure in
landscape I find peace and harmony within. The quiet beauty of the woods allows
me to free my analytical mind as I feel more connected to my body and in turn can
feel the energy (cont’d) nature. The touch of my nude flesh against the earth's floor
is very primal and instantly I feel a connection to mother nature. My photographic
journey is extremely personal and intuitive as I discover nature's sanctuaries within
our vast world. Upon further contemplation of each image, one can continually
discover new relationships and meanings.

Bryan Solarski is drawn to Tilt-shift's effect of photography which makes the images
more vivacious and inviting 'in miniature'. Representing the scenes this
way enables the viewer to reconnect with childhood by recalling the feeling of living
in a smaller world where scale seemed less cumbersome. These images are
reminiscent of his childhood memories and he hopes to parlay that playfulness and
innocence into his work. Solarski's tilt-shift work has been featured by as
well as by

Tony Fugere is an artist consumed with the technical aspects of photography. He
explores with angles, lines and light in search of the photo that no one has seen.
Upon discovering tilt-shift faking (using digital photo manipulation software), he felt
compelled to play with the technique. He climbs to new heights (literally) in order to
capture a new miniature fake.

Jiles Sarkisian began experimenting with tilt-shift photography with the first
commercial lens available in 1971, and even invented an adaptation for it to the
then-popular Poloroid camera. With a firm grasp of understanding all matters
warranting the attention of international leaders, Jiles Sarkisian's mind resembles
that of Julius Caesar, but with a much quicker wit and humor. His travels fuel his art
and love, and Sarkisian possesses a virility and appetite for both perhaps on par
with the formidable seed-spreading Temujin. His athletic prowess is legendary, but
are the lesser of reasons for his successes. As for his other genetic gifts, he
assures that our greatest imagination may barely traipse upon the heights of their
magnificence... The artist provides no other information.

Myah Bailey is an artist living in Portland. Myah received a BFA in fine art
photography and telecommunications. A painter and graphic artist as well, Bailey is
also a curator and founder Benjamin Benjamin Art Gallery. She is inspired by the
beauty of the region and the Columbia River gorge, which is often evident in her art,
including her tilt-shift pieces.

Jackie Avery's paintings are like little scenes from a larger story which invites the
viewer to relate them to our own lives. Avery is drawn to quirky photographs and
old books as visual resources in creating her narrative pieces. Jackie lives, paints
and photographs in Portland, OR.

The Venues:

Elroy Artspace is a gallery of modern art whose mission is to enhance the human 
experience by introducing fine, fun art to those concerned with bringing color and 
beauty into the home and workspace.  Located at NW 17th & Lovejoy in Portland's 
Pearl District. (

The artists at Benjamin Benjamin Gallery are established artists and emerging
talent from a variety of areas, who are interested in being a part of an energetic art
scene. Benjamin Benjamin Gallery's intention is to be a high energy hybrid of an
enjoyable art experience with a consumer emphasis.  (

Elroy Art Agency is a boutique agency whose raison d'ĂȘtre is creating and
promoting the brand visibility of artists and the venues where their work is shown
and sold. (

For Media inquiries, additional information regarding July's Tilt-shift America show, Elroy
Artspace, Elroy Art Agency, or the sales or leasing of artworks please contact: Elroy Art
Agency: (503) 609-0503.

For additional information regarding July's Tilt-shift America show or Benjamin Benjamin
Gallery, please contact Myah Bailey:


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