Monday, May 16, 2011

"Lollipop Circus | A Calderesque Homage" at Elroy Artspace Gallery – opening reception on June's First Thursday Art Walk @ The Original

Elroy Artspace is proud to call The Original - A Dinerant 'home' to our Modern Fine Art gallery! Each month we welcome the public for a First Thursday Art Walk opening reception with the artist...

Lollipop Circus | A Calderesque Homage  
Group Exhibition  |  June, 2011
Elroy Artspace @ The Original  |  300 SW 6th (Downtown PDX)
Opening Reception - Thursday, June 2nd, 5-9pm

Elroy Artspace Gallery Announces Lollipop Circus | A Calderesque Homage’, a group show in Portland, OR of fine art inspired by the works of Alexander Calder

Portland, OR (May 16, 2011) — Elroy Artspace Gallery is pleased to announce Lollipop Circus | a Calderesque Homage, a group exhibition of art comprising imagery inspired by that of Alexander Calder, one of America’s foremost modern artists, internationally recognized for his invention of the mobile and his large-scale sculptures.  This is Elroy Artspace’s second show highlighting works created by contemporary artists as inspired by those of mid-century masters, following last season’s “Dreams of Eames” exhibition.

It is said that during an era of constant artistic upheaval, Calder’s personal aesthetic revolution approached a somewhat taboo topic in the art world — fun, and so his prolific and passionate output brought with it a humor and sense of play unlike any before, ignoring the formal structures of art and in so doing redefining what art could be.  It’s from this point of view that “Lollipop Circus” celebrates Calder.  The show name derives from favorite pervading ingredients of Calder’s oeuvre – the shapely ‘lollipop’ loops of his purist, primary color palette, and the Cirque Calder - his miniature circus of tiny wire performers that proved to serve as a laboratory in which some of the most original features of his later work were to be developed. 

“Lollipop Circus | A Calderesque Homage” group exhibition will feature the original art of over ten contemporary fine artists, presenting works inspired by the gifts and passion of this legendary American artist who was committed to creating art free from the pretentions of the art world.

Elroy Artspace is curating this show at its gallery within The Original (located at 300 SW 6th Ave. in downtown Portland, OR).  Elroy Artspace is a gallery whose mission is to enhance the human experience by introducing fine, modernist art to fans, professionals and others concerned with bringing color and beauty into the home and workspace.

For Media inquiries, additional information regarding Elroy Artspace Gallery, Elroy Art Agency, artwork sales and leasing or art in the show, please contact: Joe Staskerz, Owner, Elroy Art Agency: (503) 609-0503

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