Thursday, December 10, 2009

'The Grinch's Revenge' Shows 'till New Year 2010!

The show-opening "Festivus Reception" is behind us, and thanks to everyone who came out to support the art and make a great party!

But the fun's not over yet..."The Grinch's Revenge" will remain throughout December for your self-gifting needs!

You can visit Elroy Artspace daily from 11-3, and by appointment at your convenience! To be sure the Artspace is open for your visit, please just drop me a line here to let me know when you'd like to stop by...

"The Grinch's Revenge" is a small-pieces show of big-quality art by 4 of PDX's exciting artists! Benjamin Burch is offering high-quality prints of 7 of his original works, all between $30-$50... Photo-illustrator Myah Bailey is offering prints of her works for $30-$35... George Perrou is offering original, framed paintings for $125-$250, and Renee Hartig is offering her beautiful originals on canvas and paper, too for $20-$190... Never a better time to own these artists' work than now!

We will collect your canned food donations under the Festivus Pole tree for the Oregon Food Bank throughout December, so please remember those in need when planning your visit to Elroy Artspace, thanks you!

...for more information, just click here

Thank you all for supporting Portland art and Portland business...and for keeping it local this year!



Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This Friday! One Day Only! Art for only $30! "The Big 100" @ 6pm...

...Elroy Art Agency loves Portland City Art!
Support them, support Portland Artists!

And no better time than the present, to buy some presents!...

Friday December 11th 2009
Olympic Mills Gallery 107 SE Washington Portland OR
6pm -11pm
100 Artists. 20 works each. 2000 works.



Benefit for KBOO Community Radio, Oregon Food Bank and Portland City Art, arts non profit (Artists for Artists)


CURATED BY PORTLAND CITY ART (John Graeter, Chris Haberman) and Po Boy Art (Jason Brown/Goodfoot)


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

“The Grinch’s Revenge – A Self-Gifting Event” Art Opening and Festivus Reception on December, 2009 1st Thursday at Elroy Artspace


For Immediate release:

“The Grinch’s Revenge – A Self-Gifting Event” Art Opening and Festivus Reception on December, 2009 1st Thursday at Elroy Artspace

Elroy Artspace presents “The Grinch’s Revenge – A Self-Gifting Event” featuring the works of Portland artists Benjamin Burch, Renee Hartig, Myah Bailey and George Perrou. For sale at its “Festivus Reception” will be selections of affordable art, and food + financial donations to the Oregon Food Bank will be promoted, and Elroy Artspace will donate a portion of the nights’ proceeds to OFB.

Portland, Oregon (December 1st, 2009) – Elroy Artspace today announced the details of its upcoming “The Grinch’s Revenge” show and exhibition. The show, and it’s “Festivus Reception” held on Porland’s Pearl District ‘First Thursday’ art walk, December 3rd, will feature the artwork of four Portland artists, and serve as a donation vehicle for the Oregon Food Bank.

The show features Portland artist Benjamin Burch. Benjamin's application of skills as a fine art painter, 2D animator and illustrator traipse the line of their individual disciplines, providing for razor-sharp images of his always-fun subjects! His childhood and enduring passion for the diverse works of Charley Harper and the 'Schoolhouse Rock' animations speak to the ultimate direction of Benjamin's career in art. For The Grinch's Revenge show, he is showing a printed recent series of beautiful illustrations. Take a look at his website for more insights to his work.

Portland artist Renee Hardig uses techniques and heightened colors to represent the elements which heavily distress and degrade the Earth's topography. But oddly, her handling of these same blights provide a striking elegance and beauty to her painted landscapes. For the Festivus Reception, Renee has painted her fine art originals onto paper and smaller canvases. See more of Renee's work on her site here.

Myah Bailey is a Portland artist who portrays the world around her with a narrative we'd all love to live within! Her degreed, formal training is shared between fine art photography and telecommunications - so its no wonder that she blends photography and technology to create her impossibly-unique 'photographic illustrations'! For our show Myah has made prints of her recent series', Ecotone and Collective Nouns. See Myah's words and works here.

Portland artist George Perrou continues to confound with his colorful Mad Man-genre portrayals of our modern worlds' landscapes and vessels. George has painted smaller interpretations of his world for the self-gifting show. See more of George's work on his site here...

In the spirit of caring, Elroy is asking that guests please bring to the show some cans of non-perishable foods...these and a portion of the nights' proceeds will be donated to the Oregon Food Bank...because no one should be hungry! (most needed: Canned meats, peanut butter, canned and boxed meals, dried/canned beans and peas, pasta/rice/cereal, canned fruits and 100% fruit juice.)

'The Grinch's Revenge : A Self-Gifting Event' and its Festivus Reception will take place this 1st Thursday, December 3rd, at Elroy Artspace from 5-9pm. Elroy Artspace is located at 1720 NW Lovejoy, at street level in the Activespace building - across from Relish and Cork, and conveniently on the trolly line...



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