Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ROBOTS Invade and Extend "Cereal: A View of Break*Fast" show!

Elroy Artspace is proud to call The Original - A Dinerant 'home' to our Modern Fine Art gallery! Each month we welcome the public for a First Thursday Art Walk opening reception with the artist...

Brian Kappel  |  CEREAL: a View of Break*Fast
Solo Exhibition  |  MAY, 2011
Elroy Artspace @ The Original  |  300 SW 6th (Downtown PDX)

ROBOTS Invade and Extend ‘CEREAL: a View of Break*Fast’, a Solo Exhibition of Fine, Folk Art Originals by Brian Kappel at The Original in Portland, OR

Portland, OR (April 24, 2011) -- Elroy Artspace Gallery is pleased to announce CEREAL: a View of Break*Fast,  a solo exhibition of fine, folk art by PDX artist Brian Kappel.  In the artist’s first exhibition with Elroy Artspace, CEREAL: a View of Break*Fast, Kappel presents a series of vintage-inspired gastronomic ads, icons and brands, envisioned by him and laser cut from sheets of wood.   

Kappel earned a Visual Arts degree from Penn State and is trained in watercolor and enjoys using all manner of disciplines of art and design in his work, but has found a “niche nirvana” working in wood.  “The character of the wood grain gets me excited,” he says of it, “because I think it adds a depth and voice to the work that I could not achieve on a canvas or paper.”  Brian hand sketches everything, which leads sometimes to an incorporation of typefaces, and sometimes leading to a fully hand painted piece which he can rough-up to round out a look that feels very aged, very authentic and very cool.

“They’re fun,” says Brian about the pieces in CEREAL: a View of Break*Fast, “there are no deep brooding meanings in them, no ethereal symbolism, no divine purpose.”  And Brian is further-excited to be doing a breakfast imagery-focused show, he shared, because his wife has been looking forward to a show like this for some time.

View pictures here:  http://bit.ly/ElroysCereal

Brian Kappel is a Portland, OR based artist who finds inspiration in the visuals of his past.  He grew up on B-movies, sci-fi, Twilight Zones and Saturday morning cartoons – whose vestiges can be seen in the robots, landscapes, monsters, still-lifes, or a convoluted combo of them all in his work.  “I draw.  I paint.  I create.  Give me a sketchbook, a stack of oatmeal raisin cookies and a Godzilla marathon and I will fall into a state of bliss-filled euphoria not commonly seen without outside narcotic influences,” says Brian, “And if the ideas are flowing, any and all subjects are in play.”  

Elroy Artspace is located at The Original (located at 300 SW 6th Ave. in downtown Portland, OR).  Elroy Artspace is a gallery whose mission is to enhance the human experience by introducing fine, fun art to design professionals and others concerned with bringing color and beauty into the home and workspace. 

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