Friday, June 11, 2010

Do YOU know tilt-shift photography?

For July's show, Elroy Artspace is teaming with our new BFF's next door, Benjamin|Benjamin Gallery, in their "Tilt Shift America Project" kick-off with a dual-venue exhibition of this amazing art! 

So, do YOU know tilt-shift photography?

   Admittedly, I didn't until last year.  Scott and Myah so love this genre of art that Myah's gallery business card for their gallery when in Hood River featured a tilt-shift photo by Myah (a talented photographer and artist) of the gallery on it...I loved it!  Because it looked like a miniature diorama or toy of the street and gallery I really thought it was just a photoshop trick...and essentially it was...tilt-shifting is accomplished with either a special camera lens or via digital manipulation.  Some folks even refer to the technique as 'miniature faking'.

   Life is busy and I'd forgotten about it entirely until the couple talked with me a few months ago about their idea to bring this genre out of the niche chatrooms and into the open for all of us to enjoy!  Their goal is grand, and it starts with a gallery show of this beautiful art.  They wanted further reach than Hood River and asked if Elroy Artspace would be interested in doing a concurrent show with them, and I jumped at the invite!  Now that they've moved their gallery to Portland, and right next door to Elroy, this will be a show which makes a statement, for certain! 

   Please subscribe to and keep up with Scott's "Tilt Shift America Project" BLOG, as he's about to begin pumping relevant tilt-shift info into it regularly, thanks!

   So here's a few links to tilt-shift photography images for those of you who may not be familiar with the genre, or to whet your appetite for our July show if you are.  I hope that you fall as deeply in love with it as did Benjamin|Benjamin and Elroy!  Enjoy and Cheers!... 

1.  80 gorgeous tilt-shift photos to see!

2.  A few more great examples!

3.  Wikipedia knows all - here's their tilt-shift page!

4.  How-to tilt-shift in Photoshop!

5.  A bunch of links to galleries and more tilt-shift info!

6.  And, of ourse, the new TIlt Shift America BLOG!

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