Monday, April 19, 2010

Elroy Artspace Gallery in Portland, OR to Feature Newbrow Art in “Beans & Franks” Dual Show In May’s First Thursday Artwalk


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Elroy Artspace Gallery in Portland, OR to Feature Newbrow Art in “Beans & Franks” Dual Show In May’s First Thursday Artwalk

Portland, OR – April 19th, 2010:  Elroy Artspace Gallery is proud to
host the "Beans & Franks - American New Brow" art exhibition 

opening on May 6th, 2010 at 5:00.  Painters Chris Haberman from 
Portland and Florida's Panhandle Slim collaborate by painting dual 
renditions of American iconic figures and Portland celebrities from the 
literary, civil rights, political and musical worlds.  The show will be 
accented with pots of franks and beans, cheezy-puff balls and folksy 
beer from sponsor Captured by Porches Brewing from St. Helens, OR.

Chris Haberman calls his Outsider art ‘New Brow’ as a fresh sprout on
the branch of the Lowbrow genre.  His paintings are a novel take on 

the cartoon-tainted abstract surrealism we love, as he creates a mash-up 
of images pushed together with painted words, objects and societal 
ephermera to form the background for an integrated puzzle of human 
figures which embody the complexity of modern life.  Chris is a voraciously 
active artist also as a curator, writer, rock star and organizer!  Try to keep
up with him on Facebook, and look for his new website, coming soon.

Panhandle Slim is Scott Causey Stanton from Sharpstown, Florida.  Before
landing to paint in this very small place on the outskirts of a small place in 

the Gulf Coast Panhandle, Slim has traveled just about every highway and 
stopped at just about every exit across the U.S. as a band leader and 
former pro skateboarder.  There he found the inspirations brought to his 
paintings.  “I love music and I love painting, they both just calm my nerves 
and bring me peace,” says Slim, “and I usually listen to music and paint the 
folk that I am listening to at that time.” 

Elroy Artspace is a gallery whose mission is to enhance the human experience
by introducing fine, fun art to design professionals and others concerned
with bringing color and beauty into the home and workspace.  (  

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