Thursday, December 10, 2009

'The Grinch's Revenge' Shows 'till New Year 2010!

The show-opening "Festivus Reception" is behind us, and thanks to everyone who came out to support the art and make a great party!

But the fun's not over yet..."The Grinch's Revenge" will remain throughout December for your self-gifting needs!

You can visit Elroy Artspace daily from 11-3, and by appointment at your convenience! To be sure the Artspace is open for your visit, please just drop me a line here to let me know when you'd like to stop by...

"The Grinch's Revenge" is a small-pieces show of big-quality art by 4 of PDX's exciting artists! Benjamin Burch is offering high-quality prints of 7 of his original works, all between $30-$50... Photo-illustrator Myah Bailey is offering prints of her works for $30-$35... George Perrou is offering original, framed paintings for $125-$250, and Renee Hartig is offering her beautiful originals on canvas and paper, too for $20-$190... Never a better time to own these artists' work than now!

We will collect your canned food donations under the Festivus Pole tree for the Oregon Food Bank throughout December, so please remember those in need when planning your visit to Elroy Artspace, thanks you!

...for more information, just click here

Thank you all for supporting Portland art and Portland business...and for keeping it local this year!



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