Monday, August 10, 2009

George Perrou Unveils New Paintings in PDX's Manor of Art show!

A 10-Day Festival of Visual Art, Music, and Performance

George Perrou to unveil new works and introduce aluminum ‘Case Study Art Panels’ in this weekends The Manor of Art show, in room 342. ‘Manor of Art’ is a 10-day festival beginning August 14th and includes live music by PDX bands, theater and performance art, artist round tables, and daily guided tours of the 100+ exhibits. Over 100 artists have been invited to turn the yet-to-be-renovated rooms of Milepost 5’s ‘The Studios’, a 51,000 square foot three-floor building, into installations and exhibits.

Mod-Culture artist George Perrou unveils a new series of 24”x12” framed paintings and introduces his high-polished aluminum ‘Case Study Art Panels’ this weekend at The Manor of Art show, beginning on Friday, August 14th, from 6pm to 9pm (all-ages are welcomed). The festival art will continue through Aug. 22nd. The address is: 900 NE 81st Avenue, Portland, 97213. Visit Perrou’s studio in Room #342.

Visual artists include: Adam Bailey, Adam Brock Ciresi, Ashley Costa, Adam Charles Ross, Alicia Rose, Amy Jorgensen, Amy Ruppel, Andrea Nelson, Anna Solcaniova King, Anni Tracy, Angela Gay, Appendix, Arringtond de Dionyso, Ben Pink, Brennan Conaway, Brooke Weston, Christine Meinke, Urban Eden (Bret Hostetler and Andrew Enna), Brin Levinson, Brooke Weston, Chris Haberman, Cris Moss, CJ, David Stein, Derek Ecklund, Derek Olsen, Eatcho, Erin Nations, Ezra Johnson-Greenough, Felicity Fenton, Gabe Flores (w Jerry Gilmer), Gabriel Decker, Gabriel Liston, Gary Wiseman, George Perrou, Heather Hawkins, Heidi Elise-Wirz, James Wood, Jennifer Doheny, J.Shea, Joel Barber, Jason Brown, Jason Graham, Jeff Fontaine, Jennifer Mercede, Jeremy Schultz, John Graeter, John Meyers, John Wray, Jonathon Hill-Jacquard, Jonathan Stanish, Julianna Paradisi, Karah Bruce-Larkin, Hypnokomix/Jason Squamata, Hypnokomix/Kate Fenker, Keith Rosson, Kelly Rauer, , Klutch, Launchpad Gallery, Luke Heinrich, Maggie Casey, Marian Spadone, Mark Randall, Mart Schaefer, Marlena Simone, Matthew Haggett, Matt Schlosky, Meredith Andrews, Michael Fields, Michael Costello, Michael T. Hensley, Misty Ray, Molly Jochem, Moto Galore/Kenneth Wright, Muse Art & Design, Nathan Bennett, Nicole Linde, Rachel J. Siegel, Rebecca Shapiro, Rhoda London, Richard Schemmerer, Rob Pellicer, Roscoe Hall II, Roxanne Jackson, Samurai Artist Presents, Sarah Kamsler, Scott C. Johnson, Sean Joseph Patrick Carney, Steven Plount, Suzanne Elizabeth, Tender Loving Empire (BT Livermore, G*Force, Agnes Hamilton, Edward Juan, Adrian Vita, Alex Bibb), Tamara English, Taylor Cass, Tiffany Lee Brown, Tomita Designs, Travis Taylor, Troy Briggs, Tyler Corbett, Tyler Owings, and Walt Curtis. Performance and musical artists include: Another Cynthia, Worlds Greatest Ghosts, Boy Eats Drum Machine, Magic Johnson, Atole, Jeffrey Jerusalem, Quiet Countries, Holliday Junction, Rollerball, Climber, Bryan Free, Boy In Static, Chores, Blue Skies For Black Hearts, Jared Mees and The Grown Children, Dirty Mittens, Southern Belle, Charmparticles, Tango Alpha Tango, Joe von Appen, Angela Fair, Faith Helma, Hand2Mouth Theater

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